I would describe my political view as that of ‘liberal social democratic values’! Don’t worry colleagues, I’m not about to join the Libdems! I strongly believe in fairness, self economic empowerment and social justice. It is therefore not surprising to my family, friends and associates to see me becoming a member of the Labour Party and subsequently elected a Labour Party Councillor for Southwark South Bermondsey Ward on 22 May 2014.

I sincerely believe that, being a representative, advocate, union leader, councillor or member of parliament is about a ‘passion for doing public good and being part of the change one wants to see’ in the community you live; and using one’s expertise and experience to help to shape local, regional, national and international policy debates; and hopefully people’s life chances.

I became a Labour Party member because of its ethos on fairness, tolerance, equality and social justice. These ideals are very core to my personal belief; and which I’m prepared to devote the rest of my life defending!

Sunny Lambe and Rt. Hon. Harriet Harman MP, Shadow British Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy Leader of the Labour Party.

Sunny Lambe and former Prime Minister and Leader of the Labour Party, Rt. Hon. Gordon Brown MP.